Choosing the Right Tires for Your Truck and Lift Kit

28 01 2010

by: Bennett A. Michaels

Whether you plan on going off road driving or you just want to make your truck look fantastic, a bigger set of tires is often a larger investment then it seems. Bigger tires are great if you want to get more ground clearance, but all trucks have their limits before they need to be modified. If you plan on changing your tires it is important that you first know what your truck can handle. Take a look in your truck\’s manual to see what the tire size limits are. If you are planning on putting in a lift kit you should check for height limitations as well.

If you need to put on a larger tire than what is allowed there are several things you will need to do. First you can try using a small lift kit to raise the frame of your vehicle a few inches, this will give you the clearance you need for the tire, although it is not very good for other parts of the truck. You may also want to consider changing your brakes, with may be too weak for the larger tires. On some trucks it is necessary to re-set the gears that turn the wheel. These gears are set for a certain circumference of tire, so larger circumferences need to be adjusted for.

If you are going to go off road driving you may want to invest in a new shock and suspension system as well. The shocks will help absorb any extra bumps from the terrain while your suspension will help properly disperse the weight on your truck. Many people choose to upgrade these systems once they become serious with off road driving. They help the vehicle perform better and prevent it from getting damage. Make sure that the parts you put on are compatible for your type of vehicle.




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